Our Instructors

Master Pete Statham - 6th Dan

Founder, LLS Karate

Master Pete Statham (or Sensei Pete as he’s known to everyone) is the Founder of LLS Karate. Sensei Pete has now retired from weekly teaching, but provides guidance and help for all the LLS instructors.

Sensei Pete's extensive Karate career spans over 35 years of training with some of the best names in Shotokan Karate. These great Masters have included S.Cattle, K.Enoeda, H.Shirai, M.Kawasoe, and of course Master Taiji Kase. He achieved his 1st Dan black belt back in 1986, and continued to progress through the ranks, recently being awarded 6th Dan in 2015. 

As well as a rather illustrious training record, Sensei Pete has also had an accomplished competition record too. Fighting with the KUGB, Sensei Pete won the KUGB Central Region Championships (Team Kumite) and achieved various accolades across the country - his Kumite passion remains as evident as ever. 

As mentioned, Sensei Pete started LLS Karate back in 2001, and has helped over 60 students achieve their black belts, with over 15 going on to achieve 2nd Dan and 3rd Dan rankings. He has also helped two students achieve national and international competition records with the A.M.A National Squad.

Sensei Danny Spence - 2nd Dan

Owner & Chief Instructor, LLS Karate - Barrow & Braunstone

Sensei Danny Spence started his Karate career a little later in life, after his children started training (three of which are also Black Belts). He achieved his 1st Dan in 2011 and 2nd Dan in 2016. Sensei Danny started teaching in 2012 and officially took over as Owner & Chief Instructor of LLS Karate Barrow at the start of 2017, and LLS Karate Braunstone at the start of 2018.   

In line with the teachings of Master Funokoshi (the "father of modern Karate") Sensei Danny has a passion for making the benefits of Karate accessible to all, no matter what their age or ability is. He’s a big believer that in order to be a successful instructor, you need to be passionate, patient, and engaging.    

Sensei Chloe Spence - 2nd Dan

Instructor, LLS Karate - Barrow & Braunstone

Instructor information pending.

Sensei Alison Golland - 3rd Dan

Owner & Chief Instructor, Twyford Karate

Sensei Alison Golland started training in the late 1990’s, gaining her first coloured belt with Master Steve Cattle, and achieved 1st Dan in 2001. She has also been lucky enough to train under Master Kase in Andorra, Germany, and Glasgow and also competed at the AMA British Championships in 2010, coming 2nd place in Kumite.

Twyford Karate was started in 2002 by Sensei Gerry Golland. Sensei Alison was the Assistant Instructor for many years until, due to ill health, in 2009 Sensei Gerry was forced to retire and Sensei Alison officially took over the running of the club.   

Sensei Alison recently achieved 3rd Dan (2017) and continues to develop the club, and continues Sensei Gerry’s passion of teaching children with special educational needs, including them in mainstream classes, and seeing the potential in everyone.