How much do classes cost?

LLS Karate are committed to keeping training costs sensible and affordable. We have very competitive low-cost training fees and flexible payment methods. Exact fees vary slightly between each club, so contact the Sensei for details. One important thing, we NEVER ask you to sign ANY contracts.

Is there a membership fee?

After the first month, all students must be licensed with the Amateur Martial Association (AMA). The AMA is one of the largest martial arts governing bodies in the UK. This provides a grading/license book and covers student insurance. The annual license fee is £25. There is NO club membership fee.

What happens on class and what do I wear?

In general, we provide instruction in four areas of Karate – Kihon (Basic Techniques), Kata (sequenced moves), Kumite (sparring), and Bunkai (practical Kata application). Of course all of this is taught with an attitude of respect and control. And for our younger students, there’s always lots of Karate games to make sure everyone enjoys the classes.

All students and instructors wear a white Karate Suit – called a Gi. For new students, normal sports clothes are fine to begin with, just nothing with zips. Gi’s are available to buy from the club at competitive prices. If you prefer, you can buy one from any martial arts shop online, we simply ask that it’s a “good quality” white Karate Gi from an approved supplier.  

Is Karate safe?

Absolutely. All training is generally non-contact and health & safety is continually assessed. Of course, Karate is a martial art, and inevitably students do get minor bumps, bruises, or scrapes from training. To be honest, this all part of the learning process.